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Ten Years Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Holiday Bras Collection

They are such magnificent underwear
collections, sparkling and full of glamour with precious stones
encrusted, from diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires to topazes, just
perfect for a special Christmas gift. But … is it?

This set of underwear especially bras are entirely covered with gemstones,
and they, of course, valued for over than million dollars. But
unfortunately their luxurious style doesn’t always come with the
ultimate comfort.

Selita Ebanks for example, who fashioned the 2007 collection, admitted
her Fantasy Holiday bra makes her look all sexy and glamour, but the
panty is not comfortable at all and she wasn’t happy wearing it. Yes
they are gemstones encrusted, but who would bruises their private parts
with stones as hard as diamonds, according to the model.

One thing for sure, wearing this kind of lingerie
is not easy, although it is sparklingly beautiful and alluring, perfect
for any luxurious and precious gift, but some of the collection also
comes with inconvenient and definitely overpriced bikini.

As a matter of fact, Victoria’s Secret
and other angels seem all happy with the Fantasy Bras Collection, as
they continuously design more lingerie with gemstones, bringing new
meaning to diamonds being a “girl’s best friend”. And, every year it’s a
challenge to see how Victoria’s Secret will top themselves with their
latest Fantasy Bra. Honestly, I can’t wait for the 2011 collection

Let’s take a look at the ten years collection of Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Holiday Bras
2001-2010. Will you purchase one of them? Cuz without any doubt they
are stunning, luxurious, and gorgeous, but also come with prices.


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