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Bally autumn / winter 2011 Campaign

Bally Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2011 / 2012 Ad Campaign

Models: Karlie Kloss & Caroline Trentini

Photography: Steven Meisel

Added on: 31.08.2011

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Flaunting it

The one quality that fashion aspires to at the moment is the quality of effortlessness.
After bodycon had its time on the stage, we made something of a
pendulum swing back to a new definition of sexy and chic; a definition
that has involved relaxed, sophisticated, effortless pieces.
Nonchalance. But that’s not to say that ultra-modern, slick, tight, obvious sexiness doesn’t still have a place. Of course it does – it always does. Especially in editorials.

And for a dose of that today we turn to Flaunt magazine and this feature
starring Masha Rudenko. With its slicked-back hair that screams
high-summer, it’s modern settings, dresses accessorised only be heels
and cuffs, and exaggerated eyeliner, it’s a reminder for the Souther Hemisphere how unsubtly sexy Summer can be.

Some people’s wardrobes are about a small selection of pieces that all
fit within one aesthetic – Tania Braukamper isn’t such a person. With a
wardrobe that spans three different rooms, her approach to fashion is a
mixture of current-season key pieces mixed with vintage finds she’s
sourced on innumerous shopping trips around the world’s more cultured
capitals. Despite a disparate approach to shopping, Tania is adamant
that the key to mixing vintage with new season is to stick to key looks
and colours that work for oneself. And it’s a theory that she works into
her writing for, where she serves as the publication’s

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