Oriental opulence: a blossoming trend

If you’ve started keeping a keen eye out for oriental pieces, then your next craving may be inspiration on how to style them. For as a trend into 2012
it’s all about subtlety, not stepping out of the house looking like
you’re headed to a costume party dressed as a Geisha. Enter Elle Sweden
with a shoot that’s a pretty good start, incorporating simple flowing
silks and fluttering kimonos, styled with the right degree of subtlety,
rounded out by fresh orchids as hair accessories and a beauty look
that’s softly exotic yet very much played down.

oriental styling elle sweden

The one thing I would be careful about here (bar for the
impracticality of the chunky geta-style shoes) is over-investing in obi
belts. Though they certainly fit with an oriental-inspired look, it’s a
little too soon to go back down the obi path, unless your piece is
particularly high quality or unique. A fabric sash or contrastingly
modern belt can work just as well against a kimono in 2012.

Starring Josefine Ekman Nilsson and photographed by Joel Rhodin, you can view the whole shoot at the gallery below.


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