BelleChasse lingerie ends the beautiful chase

As far as cities go, Melbourne
has always had an undersupply of lingerie houses that are both good and
modern. It’s never been hard to find lingerie, but contrast the
boutiques in the city with those you’ll find in Paris, London and New
York and you’ll see that for the most part, despite a ready and willing
customer, they’re simply not offering the same experience as their
foreign counterparts. There are no Agent Provocateurs in Melbourne nor
anything close to a Coco de Mer, and the boutiques that are here don’t
have anywhere near the same marketing impact or influence despite having
an open playing field.

BelleChasse seems intent on changing that.

bellechasse melbourne

BelleChasse’s opening season campaign.

Having opened just outside the city, BelleChasse has brought to
Melbourne that hedonistic mix of fine lingerie and kink without any of
the old world stuffiness that often makes other fine lingerie houses
feel like they’re solely the domain of the middle aged. They sport the
same youthful (oft at heart) and confident vibe that has done much to
leave us also coveting the likes of Agent Provocateur and Lascivious.

BelleChasse has opened at 1052 High Street in
Armadale, and is certainly well worth a visit. A visit that is likely to
live up to their name, BelleChasse effectively a portmanteau for the
‘beautiful chase’ (or ‘beautiful hunt’ which doesn’t have the same ring
about it). In their intimate and brilliantly designed store you’ll find
offerings from their house label as well as from the likes of Princesse Tam Tam and Marlies Dekker.

You can see all the pictures from BelleChasse’s store launch party in
Melbourne by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the

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