Nicole Trunfio asset for Perth

It seems that just about every city in the world now has a fashion week or a fashion festival. Some are hosted primarily to gain the attention of the fashion industry – and we’ll soon witness just how well they do that when the spring 2012 fashion showings kick off in Paris, New York, Milan and London. Others are consumer focussed: it’s their intention to get those of us who frequent each particular city’s shops to spend our money on current season threads. These second tier fashion weeks and festivals have a much harder task at hand: in needing us to spend, they first need to get our attention. Given that they’re often scheduled to conflict with their foreign cousins and that they never book the same calibre of model, that’s no easy task. The forthcoming Melbourne spring fashion week will, for instance, clash with New York.

How then to do they make a blip on our collective radar?

That usually comes down to some form of celebrity endorsement. Effectively a ‘face’ of the fashion week, if your city secures the right face it has the potential to have fashion retailers’ cash registers ringing.

For it’s spring 2011 season it would seem that the Perth Fashion Festival has just the right face: Nicole Trunfio.

Nicole Trufino for PFF



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