Too late

Too late

Mary: Oh no, I didn’t catch you before the operation!

Kate: Well yeah, I was just taking a nap to relax after. Did you want to tell me something about the procedure? Because it all went fine, look at my lovely new twins.

Mary: Well I was going to tell you that I found out that that plastic surgeon is a witch and while your asleep for the operation, she takes your boyfriend from the waiting room and turns him in the implants that she puts into you.

Kate: But Henry didn’t take me there, Mindy did… and they said she had left because she had somewhere to go. But that would explain how I healed so fast and why Mindy hasn’t been answering her phone.

Mary: I was hoping I’d get here before you went in to stop you, but I’m not sure what to do now…

Kate: Well Mindy was a good friend, but she is just some blobs of silicone in my chest now. There is nothing to do. Now will you please let me sleep, Henry is gonna be over soon and hes gonna have some fun with my new assets!

And now that I know that, if I ever break up with him, I can take him along to the doctors office and go even bigger, Hehe

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