The new switch-a-roo

The new switch-a-roo
Yuki takes off her bra and set it on the bed. She has never tried a spell like this before and was extremely nervous as to how it would turn out. She had all the parts of the spell memorized that she would need. Object to Consciousness, Clothing to Human Form, And Mirror Self. If all went perfectly she would have a new best friend to hang with. Someone just like her…

Yuki moved back away from the bra on the bed and began to cast each spell in order with the linking words needed to make them all work together. First the bra gained consciousness, beginning to think, but it still was just a bra. So next she cast the Clothing to Human Form spell and the bra slowly morphed into a human shaped being, but had no recognizable features. So for the final piece, she used the Mirror Self spell and copied her own image and mind and placed it into the empty vessel.

The body then grew a nose, just like hers, and eyes, just like hers, and continued to sprout features and parts till it was an exact replica of Yuki standing before Yuki. Mirror-Yuki looked at her new body in surprise and then back up to Yuki. “Oh my! I-I’m you” said Mirror-Yuki.

“Yup, it looks like everything worked perfectly. You’re an exact replica of me.” Yuki said proudly.

“Why did you make me? I was just a bra and then suddenly… I’m some witch’s double.” Mirror-Yuki asked.

“Well, it was mostly for fun, but what can it hurt to have a friend who likes all the same things as me, and since you’re basically my pet friend, I can just use you as a bra till I need someone to hang with. Then you’ll always be with me, it’ll be great!” Yuki pipped excitedly. Yuki then began to cast one of her favorite spells, the Human to Clothing spell, specifically bra. She had done it to her boyfriends before, but had always wondered what it would look like done to her. As she was about to finish the spell, Mirror-Yuki quickly raise her hands and began a spell of her own.

Before Yuki realized what was happening, she had already casted as Mirror-Yuki has casted a spell reflection. The magic quickly hit Mirror-Yuki’s reflection and bounced right back into Yuki. “What?! NO! You can’t turn me into a bra! You were supposed to be my portable friend, not the other way around!” Screamed Yuki.

“HA! Like I’d use you as a friend! You’re just going to be my bra, deal with it!” Mirror-Yuki laughed. Yuki wasn’t even able to get out another word before she fell to the floor in a pile of her own sexy-ness. New-Yuki picked up the bra and put it on, reveling in how nice it was to be on the other side for once. She liked it so much, so knew she would never go back to being the one under the clothes.

After pulling Yuki’s straps to make sure she was on snug, she grinned grabbed her phone ringing up her boyfriend, ready to start her new life.

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